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Monday, March 19, 2012

Are We There Yet? There's No Way To Know

Oscar Wilde
     Earlier today someone posted the remark, is anyone there? The remark while feeling hollow and wanting also seemed to strike a curious cord in my brain.  I had a long lunch break while waiting for a trailer full of bicycles, that never arrived, so I decided to dissect and examine the question a little closer.
      Are we ever there? If we are "there" how can anyone else also be "there" too? To start out you have to decide if "there" even exist. Oscar Wilde's, "life is but a dream" theory postulates that everything is an illusion, but if this "there" is a dream, is it my dream or yours. Possibly its Gods' dream which gives rise to the possibility that maybe its not a dream at all, but a nightmare,but lets not go "there"(wherever  "there" is).
       The Philosopher Descartes said, "I think therefore I am", while Plato believed "I am therefore I Think", one of them or both of them possibly must be wrong, either way if we "are" is not the point,,,,today. What matters is if were "there", and being anywhere for whatever reason only makes us here, but doesn't help us with being "there".
        Physics teaches us that we are composed of billions of molecules that are constantly on the move. If our molecules are constantly in motion this means that we are always on the move and never really anywhere. Were just more likely to be "here" than not, and if were only most likely to be here, we also could only possibly have ever have been "there". Then Stephen Hawkins tells us that we not only exist here but on an infinite number of planes of existence. If we exist in all places, at all times, in every possible variation, does that mean that we'd always be "here" on all planes. Therefore could a "there" even exist? Einstein teaches us that Matter,Time,and Energy are the same thing and if he's right it means that "there" quite possibly might not be a place at all, but rather a "when", a moment in time. The act of being here in this time plane leaves a residual trail of past memories that tied together create a string through time and by doing so a "there",but thinking back on it, most of the time when I was "there", I was actually somewhere else in my mind. Which means I was certainly almost never "there", and that takes us back back to Oscar Wilde.
     People sometimes say, "I wish you were "there" ".  What are they really saying? Does that mean their wishing you weren't here, and now? It's almost akin to wishing someone out of existence. Kind of like when southerners say, "bless your heart" in place of "kiss my ass".
     I was "there", I am "there", I will be"there" are no more certain a statement of location, than the GPS coordinates for the land of OZ. Only to each individual can we truly know where or when we were when we were "there". Our own personal "there" really is, only in time or place, in our mind's eye. Just as each of us have our own  internal vision of what the color "blue" looks like only to us, so to is our understanding of "there". In closing were all "there" just as were all "here", forever tied to one another in ways that we can't even begin to fathom. An unbreakable line of connections and coincidences that layer and enrich the paths that we make from the "there" to the end of the dream, that is life.   In the end I'm glad you were "there",,,,,wherever that is or was.
"There's" No Place Like Home, "There's" No Place Like Home


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