O Hour, Charleston,SC

Monday, November 5, 2012

North Chucks Own Four Corners of Law

      I was on my way back from Folly Beach the other day to my shop in North Chuck just minding my own business and listening to the latest "Sons of Bill" CD, "Sirens". As I approached the intersection of Rivers and Cosgrove avenues I had the bad luck of being that car that has to make the decision of whether to squeeze through a light about to turn red or wait for the next opportunity.Being as there is a police sub-station on one corner, I chose not to add to the cities tax revenue and stopped.
      People watching as I sat waiting for the light to turn green, it suddenly occurred to me what I was looking at through the wind shield of my old Dodge truck "Traveler". Now I have driven through that intersection thousands of times and had never noticed what had been so obviously  right before my eyes all these years. Then today like the church bell in the Cherokee Methodist steeple it rang to me as true and clear as the Carolina sky. As obvious as it was to me, I knew that only someone born and raised here, in Charlestons poor stepsister to the north could appreciate the irony and humor laid out for all to see.
     Without trying North Charleston had created it very own version of Charlestons famous "Four Corners Of Law". Being who we are, it was inevitable that we had to thumb our nose at the downtown blue bloods and put our own distinctive and of course very colorful North Chuck spin on it.

      I have already mentioned the North Charleston police sub-station that occupies one corner and while its used more as a parking lot for unused squad cars and there is seldom if ever an officer at home it does still represent of course, ,,,,,, City Law.

     On the Southern corner is of course Cherokee Methodist church. Standing as a calm port in the storm, it has catered to the spiritual needs of the blue collar backbone that is the North Area. Sitting in the middle of one of the toughest neighborhoods around its been a life boat to the poor, the sick and the needy......Gods Law

     Diagonally across Rivers is First Federal Savings and loan, It holds the distinction as one of the most robbed banks in the area. I think they even have that printed on their stationary. They do however offer reusable bags with "Postage Paid" address labels for the robbers to take with them to help with recycling. Being insured by federal government they are backed by the full weight of the United States and the federal reserve and as such represent for good or bad,,,,,,,,,Federal Law

     The last corner is a bus stand, but not just any bus stand but a CARTA depot that has been built to one day support an elevated transportation system that will run above both The City OF and The North Area,. Just what we need more empty public transportation only now over our heads and our homes. CARTA the huge unused drain of our tax dollars with their pollution producing empty buses that circle the Lowcountry like neglected Hound Dogs , looking for and begging for someone, anyone to play catch.  Thank you South Carolina,,,,,,State law.

     Just a little different from the elegantly marbled buildings of downtown fame.
Gratefully though the difference doesn't end there. Here is where North Charleston puts her stamp on it. Where as the cities version is admired and photographed by tourist the world over ours is well,,,,,,far more us. You see in the North Chuck version you can arrive by states CARTA bus, rob the Federally Insured First Federal Bank,,,cut across the intersection and Hide in Cherokee Methodist church and prey to GOD that the City of North Charlestons police wont catch you......

                                                          I love my hometown

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Prayer for Parents

                                                          A Prayer for Parents
Always answer a child's frown with a smile,  a tear with hug, and their fear with understanding.  This will one day help them smile at the world,  work through life's pain and see truths through uncertain times.

Help them to listen but not follow, to be the writer of their own lives story. Expect from themselves and not from others and they'll never be disappointed. Never give up their choices and freedoms to others, once lost they can never be regained.

Teach them to speak softly when those around them are loud, because people will always come close to hear a whisper and truths whispered are not soon forgotten.

Explain why kids grow wise who live not in houses, but in homes. Houses are cold,hollow and empty, homes are filled with warmth and love and everyone needs a home.

Tell them to build and not destroy, anyone can tear down, builders don't wait for luck they make it. Never worry about what someone else has, only what you can do to make yourself better. Build the best life you can.

                                                R. Sweat