O Hour, Charleston,SC

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Facebook Anniversary

     Today is an anniversary of sorts. One year ago today I set up my facebook page, and while this might seem trivial to most, I have to say that I have come to look forward to to my daily venture into Facebook land.
     After high school I separated myself from North Charleston and most all of my family and friends by working for years on Kiawah and then going to college and working in Florida. Even after I moved back to SC in 1991, I kept a low profile as I worked to start my business, start a family,,,and well just life.
      The last year has given me insights into myself and the something that was missing as I reconnected with classmates, friends, and family. Through your post I've laughed and cried, prayed and wondered as I've learned of your travels and marveled at your successes. The amazing pictures of your families are testaments to how much I've missed. How far we've all come.
     To anyone out there that I've wronged  in my past, I am truly sorry and I can only ask your forgiveness. For my family that I lost touch with,, I have no excuse, only to say that I only hurt myself. To my hometown, I'm sorry that I misunderstood you, and that it's North Charleston  and its blue collar, get out of my face and let me get the job done, hard working Gator Ho!!! ethics that have guided me to now.
     Thanks to everyone who friended me on facebook whether you really ever liked me or not and its a comment on your the size of your heart that you all have been so kind. I promise to play nice from now on. The older I get the more I realize that all of us are tied together  in ways we cant imagine.

                      Good luck,God bless, See you in the Facebook Pages.