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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Does God Play Jenga With The Universe? Sorry Mr. Einstien

     Ever wonder about all the temporary people that you've known?
Everyone has them, Individuals some for better, others not so much, that for a short time have an influence in our lives. Like a secondary roll character on the soap opera that is our plane of existence, they come into our lives and challenge us and make us re-examine where we are and who we've become.
     It could be the kid that moved into and then out of my neighborhood when I was nine, that beat me up everyday for a summer, and taught me to always fight back. Or a guy who one summer night taught me 3 chords on a guitar and set off a lifelong love of all music (Rap Excluded,Raps not Music...Poetry ok maybe, but not music) How about that girl in school that I followed around, too shy and too scared to ask her out, who taught me that my heart would never be full until I let someone in. A co-worker who when he moved on left me  copies of  Hunter Thompson's, "Fear and loathing in Las Vegas" and Kerouac's, "On the Road", that's left me with an unquenchable thirst for reading. A banquet bartender at a Florida Hilton who found me at the bottom of a collapsed elevator shaft after 2 hours and lowered me 3 cold Heineken's BEFORE calling for help, showed me small mercies are sometimes the greatest ones and that hope comes in all shapes and sizes. Finally a 8foot tall 600 lb bear that publicly kicked my ass and gave me a whole new definition for the word humility(see other story).
      I earlier called these folks "temporary people", not because their lives are any less important than anyone else. In fact there can be no doubt that I am and we are temporary people in many others lives.  I only mean temporary in the terms of the relative short space of time in which we were able to interact. Just as one match can light a single blade of grass that starts a wildfire, that consumes everything in it's path, these people too race in and out of our world effecting our lives and set fire to all the familiar signpost's that we thought were made of stone only to find out that they like our lives are temporary and fragile.
       Jimmy Durante(yeah I know its an arcane reference) use to end his shows by saying, "Goodnight Mrs. Calabash, Wherever You Are" . In this spirit I'd like to say thanks to everyone who ever opened a door or just held a door, life is like a game of Jenga , all the pieces count and its up to us to choose wisely. "Goodnight temporary people, wherever you are".

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