O Hour, Charleston,SC

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Second Helping- Intro

   She was born off the west coast of Africa on a balmy Sunday  evening in late September at the end of a long hot summer season  that had seen drought cover much of the dark continent. As the cool wind from land moved over the warm dark waters of the mid Atlantic she looked to the west and her future. Few would know then that she would find her way into the homes some of the wealthiest families of Charleston, South Carolina. One day she would make her presence felt in every drawing room, church and office of that graceful  Queen of southern cities.  Fatherless she grew to be a strong and willful woman, but one without conscience or regret.She learned early that cruelty and destruction was her game and she played each and every card with the knowledge that she would always hold the winning hand. Even now her path was set as she left her home for a journey into the history books.
   Drew had followed in her siblings to the new world on her westward voyage but unlike the rest of her dysfunctional family she promised  to deliverer on her word.First up was Alvin who crossed in early September, a significant cat. 3  turned north as it grazed the Bahamas and Bermuda before taking an eastward tack as it went on to blanket the west coast of the south of France, bringing much needed water to the grapes that what would become a well remembered vintage. Bonnie a category 2  made a bee line for the gulf coast where she teased every town from Corpus Christie Tx. To Apalachicola Fl. each time corkscrewing back into the Gulf before coming ashore in Gulfport Mississippi as a tropical storm, Giving surfers their some of the best rides of the decade, before heading northeast to visit New England. Carl was the biggest bust of all as the cat 2 hurricane ran the corridor between the continents at Septembers close only to meet his fate in the cold waters of the north Atlantic ocean.
     Drew had no intention of letting anyone forget her.

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